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Welcome , this Wiki is Devoted to Atheists looking for good arguments to use against Christians / Theists. I plan on making this a more friendly Environment where christians can come and Argue their points in a civil way , such as  if my source says one thing and theirs says another, we can then find out why this is so and respectfully find the right answer.

We aim to provide the following.

- Useful tips to rebuttal Theists.

- Links to other sites so that you may research some of this on your own. Edit

- Sources for my Material displayed on the pages of this wiki. Edit

- Arguments for Atheists to use to shut up a Christian quite quickly. Edit

- Answers to common Christian arguments. Edit

- Scripture to prove your point when Christians just keep on pulling their bibles out Edit

and shoving its pages down your throat like they plan on roasting you alive later. Edit

Welcome to the Dismantling God WikiEdit

Sources and Data used to Peacefully combat Christians in debates

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